Reading List

I’m an inexperienced reader this is a list that is going to hopefully grow 

Titles in green are books im in progress with

Titles in red are books next to read

Are you a writer? have you read a brilliant book? Tell me

Im looking for recommended reads these titles will be blue


my reading brain has been like the above and id like it to be more like below

download (3)



1 Long leggety beastie’s Alianora Taylor available on amozon kindle and by visiting

bookcoverimage (1)

2 Come laughing Alienora Taylor click the link above

3 My Esoteric Journey 



4 Riding at the gates of sixty



One comment

  1. alienorajt · February 25, 2015

    Bless you, Paul, thanks so much for this amazing shout-out: much appreciated! xxx


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