Monday madness

in I dip again re watching every frame over and over again,

trying to just remain myself above all but continue to change.

to reach out and touch and slowly trust again.

And forget the pain knowing ts my choice to be happy again also my choice I cud stay the same. 

wallow in blame but whats the point when i can take what I am and start again 




After a string of problems technical mostly, I am Now able to be back blogging and sharing 


Paul xx


The ink had stoped fallled by myself.. At posting daily. somthing stopped me dead in my tracks it is i assume not visbal to the naked eye as I write Iknow this might seem odd even to me.

week 8 the first week since starting this were be it became difficallt were this was started as a happy accident Ididnt want to write to be honest and maybe the novelty had gone glad its not actully the case reading is still coming on allowing me away from daily life which im not glad this week was supossed to be cheese on #favouriterecipe which is a staple food in my life, love it and endvour to catch back upxxx

Glad Im not alone

Up till a few days back I was posting every day with the Start of positive post and things like picture challenges and favorite recipe keeping me busy but ultimately the poetry and stories had dried up and to be honest I was starting to feel I had let myself down, Self doubt number one of life Little curve balls that comes out. Taunting my brain because I hadn’t posted anything really personal for a bit. Dont get me wrong I still was avidly reading thanks to amazon kindle app on my phone and the reader on word press but on the whole my productivity and input level had taken a break and I found myself playing Facebook games then giving myself a hard time for not being on here as much.

last night and tonight have been somewhat almost like a treasure map knowing showing me the way. As I sit here poised for another week I know that whatever happens I’m not alone

Thursday 2nd Of April

Thursday 2nd Of April I am excited to say is shaping up well for My first Monthly Spotlight night It gives me great pleasure to say I am looking for guest posters for may June and hopefully further but on the 2nd of April I have a real treat in store. And throughout that day I’m hoping to try starting a rolling interactive story Add a line type thing. The story is going to be fairy tails gone bad/gruesome. Hope you will help with that xx Lots of love Paul xxx

Calling All writers readers and bloggers if you would like to feature please contact me via comments :0)

Aprils Guest will be announced Monday I’m already excited.

Friday March 6, 2015,

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    Today this made my heart Smile Thankyou lots of love
    I never thought anyone would read this let alone like it 

poem 060315

as night turns into day, the world looks crisp fresh freshly made.  Just before the sun does come there is a time that suits me best even my body clock knows that time Is right, to put up defense and try with mite to feel everything even fright in those few moments can quickly change from delight to a bitter even when you give your all Mr sunshine comes to call. change seen change the place never fully able to grace be nice because of that taste knowing you well was part of it all most say my biggest down fall. No one knew you like me and hope you;d agree even now after all this time somewhere in my heart you will always be mine no matter what I did try it always  broke my heart to see you cry and impacted deep inside for you were mine just for one second id see you I’d find blinding light only seen at first light