Editing other people’s writing! My new career?

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I have set myself up as a copy-editor, general editor and ghost-writer. This is in addition to my part-time (at present)work as a private English tutor – and, of course, my own creative writing.

I enjoy all three – but today I am going to concentrate on the first!

Over my thirty years as an English teacher, I must have marked thousands of exercise books and essays written on A4 paper.

Although the sheer volume of books and papers to correct was challenging to say the least, I always loved the actual process of marking a child’s piece of writing – and, though I say it myself, I was excellent at it: Thorough, neat, extremely knowledgeable and often funny, the last of those taking away any sting which my need to use red pen so prolifically might bring to the child’s mind. I also aimed to increase confidence whenever, and…

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