This blog has been here just over 1 year

I started this a little more than a year ago after the inspiration of a friend, 12 months on and I sit here somewhat disappointed that I didn’t manage to keep the same momentum as when I started out.

Some may remember I started with gusto trying to post daily and like most things after a few weeks or months my musings came to a rather abrupt halt. Initially because of not having a reliable computer but also because I let fear in. Fear that I was boring people and that I had not much to say for myself.

I feel that still but am wanting to give this another go. My last postings were not so happy postings but 12 months on maybe things will be different just how I don’t know



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  2. Vonita · March 21, 2017

    I always just pretend that I am blogging to myself. Sometimes this can also be dangerous because writing can be powered and carry weight too, if things are written that shouldn’t be written!


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