Confessions good for the they say…

Sat today knowing its your day. But without the projector of memories I dont see you. I hear you I feel you but just cant see you…

Our friendship was not always plain sailing but I still feel your love like a radiator on a bitter day. True friendship like yours is so missed, Even at my worst when pushing all away as I did you were and are always there no matter what, If im Honest my head didnt always allow me to reslise this at the time.

as I have got older and with the vGrowthalue of hind sight dear friend there is none like you sis,I will always carry you in my heart knowing you come with me but I really do wish Id shown more respect and love whilst you were here. Only you and selected few know me truly. Taught me wisely and above all taught me to take me for me.

Im aware I Havent mentioned a name but that don’t matter cuz I’ll love you forever.. Big hugs babe miss you so much Happy Birthday xxx 

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