A Few Friendly Reminders For Anyone Who’s Feeling Stuck

Thought Catalog

This place in which you’re stuck is not your life.

This is a break from your life, a deviation from your story, a silly side road that you went down just far enough to realize that it was time you turned back. Your life does not have to unfold here in the stuck-place, no matter how many people tell you otherwise. You are here for a visit, for a glimpse, for a brief education of the life that you do not have to choose. Your story does not end here – nowhere close.

You do not have to finish what you’ve started. You are allowed to change your mind in huge ways. You are allowed to alter plans you’ve had forever. You are allowed to drive so far down a road that you’re not sure how you’ll ever get off it and then simply do a U-turn and go back…

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