Observation station

This page is for excatly that somtimes it seems observation is key to growth and destruction all at once causing my annalist side to go nuts the first post of its kind written only 4 weeks ago when Ibought my first journal for hand writing 


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My journal if im honset has been under used somwhat and this just seems being this blog I really am growing to treasure It and really enjoy creating. Im not great with keeping calenders and diarys birthdays have no sticking point and my journal bit the same

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This blog however seems to have and thats really down to the great welcome and wonderful rection this has been and is amzimg all from a guest post that is and has helped save me from myself already and give me focus 

Thank you for your support and love going forward startinng April 2nd 2015 recouring monthly a guest post host spotlight light night if you want to feature get in touch Paulxxx


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