Hooked on These

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I find that I don’t make a lot of snacks. Buy them? Sure. Eat them? No doubt about it. But other then maybe cutting up some bell peppers, I really do very little on the snack front. Well, that used to be the case.

Last year a co-worker of mine brought in a Ziploc bag of these mini-pretzel nuggets. He brought them over and offered one to me. I could see that they had some kind of spices on them and so I took one and popped it into my mouth.

Now, I am much more of a “chips” kind of guy versus pretzels, but that bite was great. I secured the recipe and made them that weekend. And the next. And two weeks after that. And….

Well, let’s just say that I now always have them on hand or if I run out, I have the ingredients on the…

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