You are invited to Moral comunity school and collage part 2

part 2

This will be my third school, The first was quite small and had been shaped originally in the shape of an acorn but with the extensions added looks more like a penis in the areal picture. It took only 300 and I was the first male teacher in years . The students were like they were being trained to be the next wisteria lane residents of the future..Some were a little peeved when I got the job as it’s not a school that encourages individuals and from the tails I was hearing at the newbie seminars and boy if I could even been described as lucky but for me was very restrictive as I would be hoping for a little bit of difference and honestly I might have been teaching the worlds most intelligent sheep .

although on my last day there it was fab I’d only been there 2 yrs and they got all the kids to wear t-shirts one does wonder if that was because I was being replaced by a straight man After I revealed not being attracted to woman. They on the whole were great but for a while I was like the villages new toy and before the selection I was instructed that the next man could be real. This went in there favour. but that coment stuck with me A real man – had I been a figment of someones Imagination who knows but it was one of those things that stayed in my mind much to my down fall  times in the first weeks of the next turm in new surroundings 

to be continued.. tomorrows meet the Hard Men and school dog from the job before Moral PJ


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