You are invited to Moral comunity shchool and collage

Ffollowing your Interview we would like to offer you the position Please report to head office at 9 am on Monday 1st September,

Yours sincerely

Wil Il Find

head of governors  

My eyes couldn’t take it in after what was I thought an almost certain failure of an interview and was a huge long shot dream when I applied. Moral school was way above anywhere Id taught in my head at least and applied after being badgered by the staff at my old job because this had been a dream of mine to teach here. a pipe dream that untill this movement was supposed to stay that way, The department I WIll be joining has had quite a reputation due to one of their experienced head of department. Never did I think Id get the chance to work with them.

I read the letter Again . except this time from the top nit what I assumed was the top and well I felt sick 

When I applied for the teaching position we were told that there were 2 slots to fill me being fairly new to this than the other applicants didn’t even think id be in the running for the second opening so really didn’t even give it thought so you can understand when my weak stomach when I re read this for the second time and it still wasn’t sinking in that I was to be his replacement.

My feeling of Joy went very quickly to fear….to be continued On going story 

part 2

This will be my third school, The first was quite small and had been shaped originally in the shape of an acorn but with the extensions added looks more like a penis in the areal picture. It took only 300 and I was the first male teacher in years . The students were like they were being trained to be the next wisteria lane residents of the future..Some were a little peeved when I got the job as it’s not a school that encourages individuals and from the tails I was hearing at the newbie seminars and boy if I could even been described as lucky but for me was very restrictive as I would be hoping for a little bit of difference and honestly I might have been teaching the worlds most intelligent sheep .

although on my last day there it was fab I’d only been there 2 yrs and they got all the kids to wear t-shirts one does wonder if that was because I was being replaced by a straight man After I revealed not being attracted to woman. They on the whole were great but for a while I was like the villages new toy and before the selection I was instructed that the next man could be real. This went in there favour. but that coment stuck with me A real man – had I been a figment of someones Imagination who knows but it was one of those things that stayed in my mind much to my down fall  times in the first weeks of the next turm in new surroundings 

Part 3

The School I moved to was more norh of the country and after My first Place was some what larger holding 800 at the most well 750 but what can you do when most of the surrounding areas were remote and they had shut a smaller school and there 100 puples were then sent to us as we were going to be gaaining more classrooms that still havent been build on my departure and well when I resigned from from acorn high I was yearning for a little more varity more real I guess. the words of my father be careful what you wish for was somwhat ringing in my ears for  the first year as I got of a  Marygo round that goes reasably slowly straight on to somthing thaat goes 0-50 vertical drop.

I really enjoyed the more varity of colege tho and not being the only male had a definate plus In this school I was introduced to tutor groups and some kind of point scoring system. with the extra 50 this ment that on my first year I was also paired with a 1st year group which proved handy when none of us knew were we were going after our first esembly out norrmal room had has its roof changed and had leaked from the prievious nights storm- we were moved to a tempory pre fhat had once been the school libry had been compleatly left since the libry books were moved to the main building and well most people wwould have hated it but that was were I opted to stay. oN MY LAST DAY IT WAS DEMOLISHED DUE TO CONCRETE CANCER  said building was in perfect order once It had been cleaned rumor had it it was haunted and the librian refused to go in there and on her word they moved her and the books else were.

M plan 2

The above is sort of like it  although mine had steps leading up and more flowers and coulour once id claimed it  and looked like a real0 bad acid trip when I was talked into trying to teach art I started as a English teacher primarily in acorrn but through my time found that because of my outter intrest in the arts and music ment that I got utalized as more than a english teacherand here was know different it seemed because in my first term I was greeted in the stafroom ny a letter saying I would from next term be offered a post as the 3rd music teacher this I grabbed with both hands because I love musiu and made my abandonded building another reason to become visable

Tea break !!! was a big cup

Part 4

 The above school was named Bethel Taken from the biblical refrence secondry in its more formative years its ground had been used as a bible school that had been sold to the comunity trust me best not to ask to many questions as I often found out. ot turns out the  disused part I clamed looked like the sunday school branch but there was somthing rustic and warm about it. Heated by a large gas fire which had a cage over it  and a old roller black board. the head asked at numours times if i wanted new but no I loved it in ssome way I had created home away from home good thing as I was niles away frim anyone I knew. In some ways I used to feel like the pirate if a ship here I was In my pre fab Happy as Larry, at this point I might say larry was the schools dog that had wondered in the main buiuilding and got shoed out poor thing so I took it in.  then when the head found out I took him home and brought him in the children in bottom set were brilliant with him and the motto of the school was Keep them amused Money being short and all. I made good friends in time but the staff room forget what kids think it amazed me was a art deco style room with resemblence of a small cinama with delights of all kinds home made.

Part 5 

I was then to be told that this was not the staff room but just a place that had been swarn to secercy because the most used parts were somewhat more similar to internal bomb shelters and coming from where I had been was turely under prepared 

It was my first winter term that I was given the task of putting on a concert for the pupils and community and a way to get some money for the school with a roof to repair and new heating needed the head summoned us to a Urgent meeting which is were I found my arch nemesis a man named Dennis he taught in the main building and even students called him by his first name I found this to be odd I was new to the area and dint really know many till the spring term when I was appointed music teacher dispute the last night of our winter festive banana. With help from a local church I managed to borrow a electric organ and a pa system circa 1982 we would have sung acapella if it wasn’t for them and candle light wasn’t initially the theme but though the night became a necessity. See even the thought of another meeting there makes my brain wonder..So sat in this meeting I was and the Head pipes up righteo we need money and we need it quick Ideas and he chucked markers at us like a member of his class room and a collective discussion had been made because I started a Choir for fun tthat this would be a great time to se what they were made of then It was added on we should do a raffle of sorts and the school cook would bake fruit xmas cake and mince pies. with mulled wine. This sounded lovely a real festive treat so after lunch I took great delight at anouncing to my tutor group all had been in rolled with no exceptions for a Tutor group effort at Hark the herald sime shouts were made and I thought no more of it. The end of the school day approached and I was called top the reception office to take a telephone call.

to be continued.. tomorrows meet the Hard Men  and Savage cook from the job before Moral PJ



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  2. alienorajt · February 28, 2015

    I like the way you build up the tension here, Paul, and explore the nervous feelings which anyone going for a job interview can identify with. Great start! xxx

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    PART 2 1/3/15


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