When Your Friends Gossip and Betray You….

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

A friend of mine called me up yesterday and was really upset. One of their relatives had posted some inflammatory gossip on Facebook and it had made the rounds throughout the day,

Kenneth, what they said was entirely false, it was a bull shit lie, but now everyone saw it and I’ve had to spend the day calling and texting everyone to say it wasn’t true” they told me.

Gossip and slander are two of the most difficult things to deal with in a friendship. Whether it occurs amongst our relatives, close friends, or co-workers, when people slander us, the sense of betrayal that sweeps over us can feel overwhelming.

My Uncle Bob used to say, “Kenneth, gossip can ruin your day like a hole in your tights; it just keeps growing and growing till you’ve eventually got to toss them in the garbage”

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