fight or flight


lead here at 05 30 In the morning mind fully active just typing what enters my head Blank when you want to do something brand new the mind decides that its time for a random sleep pattern? As lead here fully chomping at the bit with an empty canvas fight or flight. truth is as still a very new blogger I’m still feeling the write and flight at times is getting dome what more random. Which in itself Is the daily prompt from 26th Feb which I have seen a few times whilst being online today and now im thinking about it-which beyond the prompt of fight or flight I wonder how much we really take in of the things we see. almost on a sub conscious level

My Brain can go from being a nonstop racetrack to busy quite quickly and there might as well be timers in my eyes when that happens it can go from fight to flight quite quickly often needing a metaphorical parachute to rescue my thoughts and Ideas from hitting the floor be it blogging writing and just having time to think can act as that safety net if the parachute is not there writing has in some cases become the slow down and over and at the same time being a ground where it is ok to do both and try to see things from a more rational prospective.


Fight or flight mode is good it speeds up the heart and produces adrenalin the most prominent of memories were this spared me on after flight to go forwards and sometimes normally at the most annoying moment doubt can pull the parachute down at lightning speed not always with warning  and the idea of a pit stop can help in this case daily prompt being my pit stop today I am flying for now but like in the tale if you get to close to the heat and light u can singe your feathers some what and fall but when you do your best to discover ways too make good or make new your broken wings can mend and after time fly with no bounds knowing that I can safely land at any given moment..


When under estimated I feel pushed into flight mode and have flown from the sheer fact of proving them wrong this if you have it is a good thing just keep an eye out for the doubt monsters and try to fight on. Part of the learning in most things is to feel the fear and do it anyway. easier typed than done I know !!


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