What a week :-0)F

This week has been a week like no other see what you think. as writing has come new for the  first time im using this instead of panic filled Facebook status im hoping this will help. Dear readers,

im feeling rather emotionally mixed up wist writing this

extremes of all kinds,Some more surprising than others, 

The Best part of this week was the second book signing of revolutionary books one of which i am currently reading Long Leggety beasties and Come laughing which are both penned by a retired yet bountiful teacher who is become a friend and muse Alianora Taylor .

Since the signing come Laughing will be next on my list despite initial thinking not for me after the side-splitting laughter am no longer worried about the fact its written by a hetro sexual me not being and it kinda worried meat (spelling error but funny so keeping it)ME at first.

What a difference already 

Facebook status not made stating to feel more settled Phew

I will be penning more about the book signing in its own post as it has again left me feeling stronger here’s why I have felt how I have been mixed up for a time thinking I Shouldnt have attend but feel strong now that new growth is happening not in a penis sense.but I now feel like one,

I grew up where this event was held it was great to see the Nightjar and Di outside as i got off from my first solo bus journey in longer than possible to give a date. Truth be known since the need for wheels due to bad balance I have become nervy of traveling or going out so to see Di and the pub was tremendous followed by Alianora was great.

I lived in the area from birth till December 01 only popping back briefly to visit my mother-that was till I became way to much (for even me with hind site) and my family causing them a lot of stress heart ache and pain.

My actions affect more lives than i had ether thought possible

If only in times gone by had I been Writting some of the things from 09-14 Could have been very different. Alas I cannot go back but I CAN go forward and hope there are ways to show people just how sorry I am. Some things take more time than others. A huge sorry also to those who have supported any of the people and thank you.


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