In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

This post may not match a popular option but there is something I would undo.


The law that made it illegal to smoke in all public places. Hear me out…

I Agree in places that allow children in and anywhere serving food should remain smoke free. There are many places that only allowed Adults in like over 21s, In this case I feel the power should be with the owner allowing them to become a smoking bar for example or No smoking. Giving you a better option than a humanly made smoke machine.


No smoking and Smoking area labels - Set 1

Just for winter at least. As an Adult who has smoked since 98 I still remember the night this law became official having to file into a lovely but cold yard and now this law is not new the tarted up yards are in some places really rather nasty. 

We existing smokers  mostly know the danger of smoking. I am in no way saying we should in courage children or new smokers but we as adults should be able to make a choice.

Since the Smoking ban I have noticed hygiene smells and other far worse smells more when in bars some that would make a non smoker and smokers alike wretch.


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