Stopped me right in my tracks

Pauls Ponderings

There is a real draw to vivid colour or anything coulor to me and if theres 1 that really divides me is green

It Seems in some way a colour that sends me to 2 extreme ffeelings quite oposite each other Complete panic horror or relaxing. Opinion on that colour I have heard are love it or hate it. I’ve heard  green 

  • cars are unlucky
  • signifys growth new things
  • same as kryptonite for some
  • wizard of oz lived in green
  • I love frogs 

One thing ocurrs to me is greenso dominant because from a early age we are taught that the primary colours are RedBlueand yellowand if you mix 1 combination of 2 colours you get Greenor purple


Red Blue and green are the 3 coulours thar when changed are the coulous that compind make bright white light and are the 3 coulours we…

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