My Sanctuary with In A Fortress

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Writing about this is some what strange but only because I really hope my written word can do one room of a seemingly huge fortress became and in many ways my slice of comfort and solace a crack of sunshine in 4 walls that I still think of as my safe place. But also the room of inner artistic growth. Pj.xx

Think of a fairy tale castle…Big turrets portcullis drop down door walls scaling the out perimeter. nettles around the outside vultures over head and on foot.


The some what expanse of buildings in the grounds was vast even enough to have a farm of sorts at ether ends of the never-ending brown-grey exterior,It was not much on the eye. 6 quite similar but uniquely different prominent parts making it maze like and very easy to get lost at least at first. The maze like quality once known proved handy.


The six prominent buildings were homes to different things. But within one of the further flung buildings held a sensory heaven of all sorts for the eyes nose and ear. Upon entry of this building you were met by the smell of cakes on a good day as the first room a head of you was used to show the mini villagers how to feed them self’s fresh food.


To your right was a Huge room that had multiple use but prominently was kept cleaner than other buildings because the towns and village folk are first shown in here so it looked much cleaner than less publicly used parts.

So with kitchen in front of you and a huge public auditorium on the right on first entry, To the left was an open corridor as I first remember it ( although in subsequent years a set of doors appeared along with 4 new rooms a year or so later.) That seemed to stretch miles. At the very end of this corridor was a room Id seen before in my short induction before becoming a fully fledged castle representative. The induction seemed a haze as now I was exploring for the first time. The room I had seen was nothing compared to the room next to this.


The door was closed with no light on inside but curiously I opened the wooden  door and found a seemingly huge room with 3 switches on the wall I very nervously pushed the first switch which cast light on so I switched on the other two which added two more columns of light.

Id never seen anything like it.

The Entire room classed with dark wood except for one wall that had large posters of music notes,rich blue thick drapes hung in-front of the just entered door and ate the windows I felt instantly warm cozy inside ,  Unlike anywhere else in the world there was a huge cupboard at the back that when I saw the inside it was like discovery of hidden scrolls.A banner hugged the back wall that had been used in a castle assignment in forged waters.

The left side of the room had a vast expanse of sound making modules with headphones but also on this side of the room was something id only ever dreamed of a real and I could feel it with my own hands Grand Piano. when I first saw it my heart skipped a beat or two without hearing a note.I was in love



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  1. alienorajt · February 17, 2015

    Love it, Paul, absolutely lovely. The images are very well chosen and support the writing extremely well. xxx

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