Stopped me right in my tracks

There is a real draw to vivid colour or anything coulor to me and if theres 1 that really divides me is green

It Seems in some way a colour that sends me to 2 extreme ffeelings quite oposite each other Complete panic horror or relaxing. Opinion on that colour I have heard are love it or hate it. I’ve heard  green 

  • cars are unlucky
  • signifys growth new things
  • same as kryptonite for some
  • wizard of oz lived in green
  • I love frogs 

One thing ocurrs to me is green so dominant because from a early age we are taught that the primary colours are Red Blue and yellow and if you mix 1 combination of 2 colours you get Green or purple


Red Blue and green are the 3 coulours thar when changed are the coulous that compind make bright white light and are the 3 coulours we see singly the most

having thought there is one area of life were the key coulours most seen are red blue and yellow is political groups id say parties but that word needs a break..but is this why they are taught as such. As im typing Im some what thrilled how a image can take thoughts of many things 

Green is used as a first aid colour and with that in mind it promotes healing. Healing in its self first aid being the exception can take a unlimited amount of time

Public healings seen on some of the Godly channels I although spent time in a what was called a spiritually awake church(vodka possibly says my growing sin hic) and im left dubious but curious in other healing 

The best thing for me in healing senses is a piano both physicly mentally and Spiritually 




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