Whats on your mind Facebook asked and I gave my honest answer

This was a very scary but honest staus I posted on facebook and for this post it does name people and for that reason remain in unless asked to remove. I posted this a day before 1st using this, in a sense maybe my last Facebook status in that sense-because wordpress helps me think a little more about what I post in as much as just how it looks not to mention the other massive differences.

Whats on your Mind Facebook asks…Well here goes

I know Ive done wrong and am in Early march possibly if not Probably will probably go though a massive life change and Have 5 weeks in which i need to see 2 lots of people Pedro Santana Ortega Paul Blaylock and my brummy family and also my Northrn family Glenn Anderson Micheal and Elaine Jezza Angel Crowe on limited funds and also continue to love being around my family and friends here Kyle Read Benjamin Lockstone Graeme CairnsPoppy LintonJohn Stephen Farr Alienora Browning and many others..Im bricking it some tags havent worked…but i love you allx

Some 4 or 5 days later the message of that staus remains-but was written in blind panic dear  readers. Because I am in a situaation were mindlessness and mentle health combined caused me to put peoples life in danger and for this I am truely sorry. In march I go to crown court for sentencing..If dear reader you know me well normally talkiing comes easy-Inthis instance writting has taken the floor -why? Im not sure, possible that talking about it frightens the words out  of my mouthbefore ive even opeened my mouth leaving me speechless.

still bricking it I am… But since this Reading witting blogging has happened thanks to Ali Taylor for that and my piano skills thank you Joel Dorman Jeff West Howard Sayer and Beth Lewis some things in this life are amazing the latter two musicians without your constant support and pushing I wouldnt have such a love for this gift. Music is always my first love thank you for never ever giving up.

I’ve felt much calmer

The above are mostly not on facebook but seen as im mentoing names here these are all people who have really pulled the good out in me and I Thank you

If your name appears here and you’d like it removed for Any reason please let me know Pxx


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