Happy Saturday ! f Fri..

Its the weekend…. Although until an hour ago I was convinced it was Friday

Today  has really been quite pleasant.  I woke a little later than usual and have had good company all day. With this being my first weekend post allow me to take you on a  trip back to a past weekend when I was more mobile than current in more than just a physical sense.  Life although not perfect meant Saturday was full of the un expected.

I awoke opened my eyes and for a moment had to think were I was. Thats right it came to me i was in the room next to mine. This being because my room was used on this occasion for a  performer to stay as  finaly it was here the day we had planned for somtime a day to celebrate equality and comunity strength and was the 1st event of its kind in the sea side north west down drop. A day that Had been called happy day.

So I got up in a panic not knowing quite were things were. Except for my costume which I had picked up the day in a flurry as I had left it like most things to the last minute whilst trying it on the buttons had some wat been poorly  attached so they fell of when trying to take of the white jacket and the trousers were one size fits all so long as you have hips. at the time I Did not so had to be taken in. Needless to say I went into panic but lucky for me the friend I was with said they would do the alterations  and drop it round before or on his way to work. So that took a little off my mind a mind that was a little disorientated and some what sluggish from the night befores mix of nerves rum for this the long awaited showcase of colour camp and in the main loved party atmosphere that we had brought to town.

So in time my costume arrived so I Started getting ready.Putting this amazing outfit on that  now fit well crisp white trousers light blue almost baby blue vest with crisp white jacket once this was on for a second I felt really good. dressed as captain.


to be continued after a brew be right back xxx


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