Clever Inventions We Need To Add To Our Everyday Lives 1

This is a email I got this morning Some are fab

Parking garages with lights the indicate which spaces are open and/or occupied.
Brushes that are much easier to clean.
Vending machines that make you fresh pizzas.
Water fountains with spouts to fill water bottles, too.
Stoplights that show you how much time is left before they change.
These small tiles that you can attach to important items so that you can always find their location via your phone if lost.
Public transit that will accept recyclable goods as fare.
USB rechargeable batteries.
The best new way to do chores.
Movie theatres’ that have screens in the bathroom so that you don’t miss out on parts of the movie.
These were just a few but  made me smile. More to come…


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  2. Noah Weiss · February 7, 2015

    I think that the stop light with a timer (in the “circular” fashion) would be really cool. It seems like some of those already exist, but nonetheless…!

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  3. pauljfarr · February 7, 2015

    I love that one and thes one one coming on part 2 I the inner child got excited over


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