Clever Inventions We Need To Add To Our Everyday Lives 2

. Wall outlets with extension cords built into the wall.

Nothing will ever be out of reach, now!
 The technology to charge your phone from the heat or cool given off from your drink.

Expandable and rotatable power strips.

A pen that can scan any color and then allow you to write with it.

Stairs with built in slides for quick descents.

Packing tape with a simple, easy to open strip.

Mugs that will catch any drips before they reach your table or desk.

A backpack with a built-in hood, for those days where you’re unsuspectingly caught in the rain.

Movie theaters with bean bag seats.
Which would probably just result in more people falling asleep during movies, but WHO CARES!
Benches that you could rotate to always have a dry seat.

 The ones in red I loved 

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