Rebels have streaks that are not always 100% visable..or sterotypical and some what sub contious

I am a rebel some what..although it is only with maturity and retrospect  that I know this to be fitting and maybe somewhat annoying for some

Example 1

My Family are in no way religious Some atheist to the point of Agnostic,I was christened as the done thing and not for reason of conviction or blind faith.After attending 1 hr of Sunday school over 2 weeks I came home with the news that I had become a Christian and had to plead in earnest to be able to go to a Evening family service and went the same through this pleading at times through the years I spent as a very active young church member.Always pleading and just managing to win permission at this point Ill add this is not a conversion testimony of the christian faith to covert

Example 2

First commandment Honor your mother and Father. see example 1, First ever mettle head ache and  first experience of catch 22

To be continued…..


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