Hand writing observations and thoughts

Hand writing thoughts  observations and memories 

Handwriting is life’s first yet ever   changing font

Having recently had my 30th Birthday Something seems to have Interested me more and more. last night it spilled into my first handwriting piece in many  years and the first time because I wanted to.

As I started writing I could see as words and sentences. But beyond that I started to see influence of different peoples pen skills like taking each letter of the alphabet and using a different font,

Im Reading a book Set in a almost familiar place although in  lots of ways not exactly the same has some what opened a descriptive heaven. that has given the imagination a long over due resuscitation.

Before sitting down I could only find a red biro. this with the connection of the book i’m reading must hopfully be coincidence but felt as tho maybe not as it started to gain momentum more little specks of 30 yrs of influence caught the pictorial projector  part of life, some how comforted knowing a small part of them is part of me. But have contributed to something as unique like finger prints. After just over 30 yrs I can say i like my writing- not because of neatness but for the reminder that as much as there are clear influence these things are exactly that, but make something truly mine969908_10151730751737247_1293876359_n


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