Paul, PJ, PJay, Penelopee, PJ


  • Paul is the name my parents chose to name me
  • PJ the name found and given by a true friend and mentor of my time as a DJ
  • Pjay Was my first go at re branding and is the above but with extra camp sparkles
  • Penelope Started as a pet name. Penelope jayne to be exact.Now she is a drag persona on rare occasions and also the one that gets the blame if one gets rowdy. Random word too the wise never pull off anyones wig unless u find a grope of your boobs or penis aproprate by passing strangers or are really into pain. useless but somthing i found penelopee not to approve of. Also this might be a time to explaine i drag up for fun and am not a trans grender. always in the dressing up box as a child.


  • Pj newest addition. 4 days old. publishing reading writing blogging vocally silent growing daily me

So next time you hear the question whats in a name, you may get an answer your not expecting.


One comment

  1. alienorajt · February 5, 2015

    Wow – such a brave post at all sorts of levels. Well done, you! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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