Allow me to Introduce myself

My name is Paul AKA PJ

Im a guy from the south west of England. I have recently found a hunger for reading and writing, blogging too  here goes nothing.

From an early age I Was “strange!” read the evidence…

  • My Family are in no way religious but after tagging along to a Sunday school that my sister had been invited By Her friend and in a sibling way I insisted I came to. To my memory it was mothering Sunday 94.too this day believe In the power of Faith and spiritual movement Sure there will be more about that…
  • I Found refuge in a castle and used to be there early as 730 am practiding piano and stayed till early evenings playing particular room still in my head is my place of refuge
  • Was advised to take a office admin Cource because Thats the only job with your disability youll get.
  • Took up doped out came out
  • Ever sunny telesales……or not but loved it
  • My First home was above a pub..more to come on this
  • From madhatters to the hilton and back keep your eyes peeled
  • self medi cation or tation? inner evelution
  • I do love the Glamouous life -3 Alta egos
  • The journy up North to save Pj from penolepee/Pjay
  • the journy back south to rescue paul
  • penelopees last stand
  • My reasoning of why the american spelling bee should be Spelling wasp(funny with retrospect but kept a grip on me for years)
  • Inspiration to execution
  • Phrase deconstruction and word play
  • tumblr_m5zb28oCTD1rtph6ko1_1280

these are just some tasters of things to come should this hunger continue like it currntly is there may be more…on the above as well as topics and things.


One comment

  1. alienorajt · February 5, 2015

    You’ve launched yourself! Well done! I look forward to reading more! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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